My wife and I recently eat dinner at the Red Lobster on Route 31 in Clay, NY where I found the suggested tip amounts to be calculated wrong. These dollar values were over inflated substantially (percentage wise) and this was not an isolated incident as I have receipts from several transactions.

The suggested tip amounts were based on a bill of $37.87 therefore the tips should have been:

20% = $7.57 although the suggested tip amount = $9.73

18% = $6.82 although the suggested tip amount = $8.76

15% = $5.68 although the suggested tip amount = $7.30

I have attached a picture of the bill as evidence.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Most restaurants now cheat on their "suggested tip" calcs. Do your own math and only tip on the before tax total.


Yep, you are right. Their calculations are wrong.

Let's hope it is a technical error. It doesn't matter to me as I don't look at the recommended tip portion on the bill, because I always tip 30-35% for good to great service.

Servers make about $2.13 an hour and depend on tips to pay their bills. If I can't afford to tip, then I can't afford to dine out.

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