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11am today husband & I ate the 4 course meal for $15 at store #0314 on 3815 S Lamar Blvd Austin, Tx 78704-7943, Table 207 waitress Amanda.

We were ignored by her although she believes she was doing her job well. We were only the 2nd couple in the room at arrival.

The seating lady had to do most of our bidding as ordering, drinks, take home box, bill. We waited 10 minutes to get a simple salad and ice water to start with. Amanda was either not in the room or took for every to bring us anything. Usually the seater had already done it.

A very nice man named Dan brought us several things. We found out leaving that they were boy and girlfriends. Now I realize he covered for her, so what was she doing to earn her money. We finally got up and went to the front for the seater to get our bill.

Amanda came running up saying there was no excuse for this. I said yes, that is right. I wouldn't let her take our credit cards at that point nor did I leave her a tip. She ran off.

Dan took the money and it was at that point he said that they were friends and she was crying and threatening to quit. I said I wasn't rude to her. He said he didn't want to hear it that he was just trying to help. Again what was Amanda's job if everyone else is doing it?

I go to RL for great atmosphere without screaming kids, good food, and good attention service. I did nothing to this woman just like she did NOTHING for us.

We paid $50 for our meals and didn't deserve to leave with all this drama. I explained that to the seater lady Nancy Taylor 512 220 9229

Product or Service Mentioned: Red Lobster Waiter.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Seater lady? It's called a hostess.

According to what you yourself wrote, Dan said they were friends.

You added the boyfriend/girlfriend part, to make the story sound more dramatic. You sound like a nightmare to deal with.

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