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To whom it may concern I'm a loyal customer for red lobster port huron fort gratiot MI me and my wife went for a diner at red lobster we ordered for apertisment shrimp nachos and crispy calamari and vegetables and for diner wood grilled lobster shrimp and scallops for myself and Atlantic Salamon with broccoli amd mashed potatoes the tow plates were terrible black burned has ashes and the broccoli was smashed and over cocked we make complain for the manager which by the way she was understandeble but the problem was from the cook here the photos for the plates thank you for your cooperation

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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #862768

The food looks fine.


You state you spoke with an understanding manager, which leads to believe your meals were comped, replaced or both. If that is the case, why are you making this complaint?


The OP should have enlisted the help of someone for whom English is their first language, to edit and proofread this complaint.


That is ridiculous. I couldn't tell what was even on the plate in the salmon pic...I thought the salmon was burnt BBQ chicken and that the mashed potatoes were rice.

I can see why Darden is divesting themselves of this chain.

My family and I used to love Red Lobster, but I'd rather spend the money and go elsewhere. I'm ashamed ot say that I am a Darden stock-holder.

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