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on 12/17/17, my son and I went to eat at supper at the restaurant. We've been going there for 23 years.

We live over an hour away from La Crosse and went up to see the Christmas lights at Riverview Park. They were beautiful. Always, I choice for eating is at Red Lobster. What a disappointment.

Wait time was 20 minutes to get seated (this was fine). Next came the biscuits and our drinks (they were fine). The main course? I didn't think it would ever arrive!

We waited a good half-hour for our food. This in itself was inexcusable. When it did arrive, my son did not get his fish with the Admirals Feast and I did not get my seasoned french fries with clams and cheese. My son knew something was missing from his dinner but didn't have the menu to check it out.

I called the waitress over and asked where my french fries were. She didn't even know what I was talking about at first. I told her to check the order and then she remembered. When I got them, they were absolutely tasteless and dried out.

I asked to see the menu and then then discovered the fish missing off my son's plate. That is when I went to the manager and complained about the service and food. I don't mind paying the price, but I do want good food. My stuffed mushrooms were all dried out and looked like they had been sitting in a warming over for a long time.

When complaining to the manager, she didn't act as if she could care less. I even had to ask her if she even cared. She said she would take care of it. The total bill was $52.79 without tax.

As a compensation, I was given a 20% discount. That was almost like a slap in the face! That is what I leave for a tip to the waitress. Another note of poor service-I asked for more hot tea.

I was given a small pot of hot water and that was all. I had to ask for another tea bag. What kind of service is this? N0 - it won't stop me from going to Red Lobster as I do like the restaurant.

My next visit may be a good one again.

I sure hope so. Thanks for listening and Merry Christmas.

Product or Service Mentioned: Red Lobster Waiter.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $45.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Service.

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Oh my goodness!! You POOR THING!

You had to ASK FOR MORE TO DRINK?!?! Wow. How dare they not refill it automatically- I mean, servers are all mind readers and all.. maybe your server was new and her powers aren't fully developed yet.

Seriously though- everything else was the kitchens fault. But faulting your server for you having to ask for more tea? Coffee style cups aren't see through, so the server can't just walk by and see it's low.

Also, as a reference, people usually only drink one cup, rarely two. So whatever, it's just funny you are mad you had to ASK hahahaha

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