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I was attacked on Thursday night around 7:30 at the entrance 5 feet at front door at Red Lobster on Howe Ave, Sacramento.

He grabbed my purse and I held on real tight & he dragged me down the steps & I was screaming my lungs out for 2 mins, & another person came & the attacker gave up & ran off. I have never been so afraid and so strong to fight back for what is mine.

it must be an Angel protecting me.

Please be aware of your surroundings.

Threats can come out of nowhere. I Pray that this happens to no one else

FYI: Lack of lighting by the front entrance, and no camera by the front door entrance also.

I am injured all over on my left side of body this incident changed my lifenot able to get out doing thing as my normal schedule.

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They know you are entering a place like that with money in your purse. I carry my wallet in my boot so going for my pocket will only get them a Colt .380 pointed at their head.

I advise that you hereafter carry only junk in your purse (makeup, tissues, coupons , etc.) and let them have it if they want it.

You risked your life unnecessarily and rather foolishly to hang on to a few trinkets and a few bucks. You live in a scary dangerous place and should improve your personal security.

to Anonymous #1618074

You should be able to carry a purse. Seriously.

If not society is *** up.thats the kind of world we live in then. Really sad.

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