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Sophia spent two minutes walking me around and showing me where there were no booths at a window because there weren’t enough servers. This was at 3:52 p.m.

I reminded her that I drove in 118 degree weather to get here. Only when I told her that I was going to call corporate to seat me, did she FINALLY seat me, in a booth by a window. How stupid can anyone possibly act?

This is crazy! What’s really, really crazy is that I am actually still staying to have my meal after all of that inefficiency and rudeness.

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How is it their fault that YOU CHOSE to drive in 188 degree heat? Stay home and be rude in the comfort of your own AC.

to JellyDoll #1526068

*118 - whatever


So the hostess was trying to seat you close to the section of the server who would wait on you, and you gave her grief and threatened to call corporate? Wow, you sound charming.

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