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Horrible service. Called 3 times to get a reservation.

They do not take reservations after 1:00. I was told to call back in 1 hr. Because they were so busy they could not talk to me. Called back and had 2 reservations, 1@ 12:30 and 1@ 1:00.

They could not help me at all. I wanted a reservation for 12:00. She was rude and did not want to accomodate me. This was the Montgomeryville location (Lansdale).

I will never ever go back there again as I have been there several times.

They lost a good paying customer. Very disappointed in customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Red Lobster Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Wait. I must be not understanding something.

You say that they can't accommodate you but they gave you two other reservation times you could've taken. They could not take you at the time you wanted. But they gave you an alternative. Obviously they were full up at that time that you wanted to go.

Meaning they didn't have any more tables. What did you want them to do reach up and pull one out of their butt and seat you there?

Or maybe they didn't have enough servers to cover the tables they had reserved for that time already... you are an entitled ***.

to Anonymous #1411024

Dear Anonymous, It seemed to me they just didn't want to make a reservation for me because it was a large number. And by the way you didn't have to be a smartass.


Red Lobster does not do reservations.

to Anonymous #1405951

The one in Montgomeryville does. The one in Philadelphia does not.

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