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We came at the red lobster in waldorf and ahead of us was a family of 7 (3 adults and 4 kids) and also there was a family of 3 and then us party of 6, and there was a family of 5 that came after us, then party of 2, then party of 4, party of 5 again and all of this customers were seates except for us and the family of 3 and i was just observing the pattern on how they call the customers, i feel being discriminated... Read more

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I have patronized Red Lobster for many years for dinners and special occasions and always had a good experience. However, on Saturday, November 13, 2016, a party of five (my husband and me, my daughter and stepson, and his friend) went to the Red Lobster on West Patrick Street in Frederick, MD for dinner. After we had been seated, the waitress asked us what we wanted to drink. My stepson, who is 29 years old, told her he wanted to order a bottle... Read more

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My husband decided to go out on a limb and take me to Dinner for my Birthday. As we all know, Red Lobster is pricey. We both had bad experiences so I contacted the Traverse City Manager. I told him I always used honey as a sweetener for my coffee. They did not have any. My husband ordered fish and there was char on his fish from the grill. It looked disgusting. We got to dessert and ordered the brownie overboard. It came loaded with chocolate... Read more

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My family and I were anticipating a great experience, as we have experienced every other time we've dined there. The server was slow to come to the table, did not get my order right and I had to ask for biscuits and beverages which were not served until I did. The table we sat at was against the wall and the wall had food on it, disgusting! The light fixtures were very dusty, dust was falling onto the table during our meal. The lettuce in my... Read more

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We decided to go a bit out of a budget for a dinner to Red lobster, what a bad decision First our utensils where nasty with a white spots like old butter, we ask for clean utensils well they gave us a set of more dirty ones with a glass of hot water for us to clean them. Then the food arrived 45 minutes later and one of the plater was just a bit of fish?? The only thing that was large was the bill $140 for what?? I gave then less than 1 star if... Read more

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I like the food at Red Lobster. Since it's the only Seafood restaurant in town. What I can't stand is all that talking and questions they ask...So annoying. I find that to be really annoying!!!! I don't consider it good service when they ask you a Bunch of questions about what your doing that day, so you have any plans??? That isn't necessary and too phony!! And a when I am just getting ready to take a *** of food and having a conversation with... Read more

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I was given a 50 dollar credit you from Red Lobster from April12.Can not find the Email,to use it.Could you re send it to me again to use.Email is I would really apreciate it Thank You Sheila Webb

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Red Lobster used to be about quality! Now it's not! Your shrimp is so filled with chemicals it's not even edible. Shrimp when cooked it pure white, your shrimp is translucent. Nasty , you all should be ashamed !

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DO NOT! I repeat...DO NOT eat at the Wolfchase Chase (Germantown/Stage Rd.) Memphis, Tn., Red Lobster. They, KNOWINGLY allow their patrons (their PAYING customers) to park in a blind spot at their restaurant that has been (KNOWINGLY BY THE RESTAURANT) to have had THEIR PATRONS VEHICLES BROKEN INTO (as well as, their employees vehicles) and don't seem to CARE! Our vehicle was broken sign posted as to a frequented theft... Read more

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I had the worst experience I have ever had at Red Lobster. Our waitress was very sweet but the service was horrible. No plates, no biscuits, waited 15 minutes for water, appetizers came out after our meal. The crab legs were not good. They were so dry they wouldn't come out of the shell. It's like they were old or overcooked. No one ever checked on us or offered to reduce our bill. Everyone at the tables around us were complaining too. Horrible... Read more

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